• "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple … that’s creativity." (Charles Mingus - American Composer)

  • The Vision

    The current system of Corporate Learning is broken, boring & expensive.

    We want to make INVESTMENT IN HUMANS, easier, meaningful & accessible.

  • What's The Da Vinci Project

    No, Da Vinci didn't come back from the dead and hired me to do content marketing for him!


    The inspiration behind this project is Leonardo Da Vinci and the mission of the project is to capture his meticulous observation skills, unparallel creativity & genius execution skills and translate it to CORPORATE LEARNING.


    For my PhD research, I explored various aspects such as creative problem solving, innovation, performance, occupational psychology, business anthropology, design thinking, cognitive innovation, fluid intelligence, service design and finally the golden idea came to be.


    I did my research and invented the agile learning model that will change the way corporate learning is created, FOREVER! And that's not just my opinion.


    At the moment the model is in the initial prototype stages. I'm working with various research groups to test the model with beta testers. If you'd like your team to be part of something revolutionary, please fill in the form on this website.